Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coming Soon!

Salaams all!
As promised, I've been very busy doing research and trying to find sources for fun and motivational Islamic accessories so that I can bring them to Canada and share them with my fellow Muslimahs!
Some things I've been looking is a sneak peek for what will be available to order in the next couple of months insha'Allah:

Rainbow Qu'ran and Pocket Qu'ran ~ Inspirational and Motivational for Muslimahs of any age!

The Ablution Solution...Istinja like a Ninja!!  Perfect for your purse, backpack or desk!

Pretty rose scented tasbih.  Beautiful, masha'Allah!

Pocket Prayer rugs...they fold up nice and small and are kept in a zippered pouch.  You can take it with you everywhere!


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